Hello from Bulgaria (Hallo aus Bulgarien)

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Hello from Bulgaria (Hallo aus Bulgarien)

Beitrag von Ivo_Racing » Freitag 22. Juni 2007, 16:00

Hello Wartburg fans! I am from Bulgaria, i have wartburg 353S (made 1987)

This is video story of my car


I have some questions to you. Are there 78mm pistons in Germany? And what is the price of these pistons.

What is your opinion about electronic ignition EBZA2s.

There are two types of crancshaft for 353 - 45 h.p and 50h.p. - which is better? And why?

I have sport air filter on my wartburg - what is your opinion about that? Are there some possible damages on engine?

Could you give me some advices about tuning on the 2 stroke wartburg engine(on english please :( )

Greetings from Bulgaria,


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